Mr. Matt Weld's
Technology Class

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phone:  632-8406 (Hinchcliffe Elementary)


You are always welcome to schedule a conference at any time.  Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your child(ren);  I'm looking forward to a great school year!

If you would like to come in and participate/volunteer in your child's class, please email or call.  At his point, I have regular volunteers in almost every class, but you are always welcome at Hinchcliffe!

Links We Are Using in Class

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Big Brown Bear Learn to Type

Dance Mat Typing

Alphabet Rain (Keyboarding practice)

Webville Outlaws (Cyber Safety)

What to Do (Cyber Safety II)

States of Matter Games/videos

Spanish Colors (Color Vocabulary Games)

Cash Register (making change game on FunBrain)

Making Change (Just Kids Games)

Counting Money Website count correct change before time runs out

ABC Counting Money varied levels of difficulty

ABC Telling Time varied levels of activity, can choose between digital and analog

Telling Time  Kids have to equate analog time to digital time

Smiley Face Clock kids have to choose what time is shown on an analog clock.

Double Digit Addition Has a virtual pencil they can use to do their work

Addition Attack Game Fight off alien invaders by answering single and double-digit math problems

Soccer Math Shoot for goals when you answer an addition problem correctly. No time limit.

Speed Grid Challenge   Find two digits to make a given sum before time runs out.

Animal Safari  Drag the animals' names to their picture

Help Me Get Home Drag animals to their correct habitat

Jewels of the Earth  Drag animals to the correct layer of the rainforest. 

Quick Habitat Matching

What Where When Why The "Where" link has animals and their homes

The Reaction Game See how long your chain reaction will go

Rolling Tire Game   Get the spare tire to the broken down truck by setting the correct chain of events into motion

Ultra Block Cause all the balls to fall before the timer runs out

Magic Safari  Enable the safari car to continue by choosing the right chain of events (learn some Spanish in the process, too!)

Counting by 5  Simple point and click game to practice counting by 5

Arcademics Addition and Subtraction online games where they can play each other in racing games based on how fast they can answer math questions.

Cat in the Hat From

Learning About Rainforests

Plants Only in Rainforest

Tropical Rainforests  page with the moving dragonfly

Rainforest Alliance

Plant Family List (Wheaton College)


3rd - 5th Grade

States of Matter Games/Videos

2012 Olympics

Class Chatter (paperless classroom platform)

Voki (4th and 5th)

National Geographic Spider Pictures

KidZone Spider Facts

Spider Making Web in SloMo Video

Intro to Sound Page

Planar Geometry quiz

Changing Sounds Interactive Site

Hooda Math Review Games

Math Magician

Math Mastery Game

Multiplication post test

Timed Flashcards

Plotting Points on a Graph

Rounding Games several games to choose from 

Soccer Fractions (less than, equal, more than)

Balloon Pop Fractions

 Dirt Bike Fractions (Comparing Fractions)

Click on the State Game

Drag n Drop States Game

Type the Names of States Game

Classroom Blogs (Used by the 3rd grade classes)

Ms. Yollis (California)

A Room With a View (England)

Mr. Salsich's Class (Connecticut)

Ms. Thompson's Class (New Zealand)

Ms. Watson's Class (Canada) (Prewriting)

4th and 5th grade

Making a Table in Word (Video)

Puzzle Maker

Read, Write, Think (website to create Venn Diagrams)

Kids National Geographic (4th & 5th grade Animal Research Projects)

Kids Discovery (4th & 5th grade Animal Research Projects)

Kids Biology (4th & 5th grade Animal Research Projects)

Top 10 Animal Adaptations

Iditarod Trivia and Facts (5th grade)

Iditarod Map (5th Grade)

Iditarod Terminology (5th grade)

Louis Leakey biography (4th grade)

Camp Leakey video #1 (4th grade)

Camp Leakey video #2 (4th grade)

Growing Amaryllis

Growing Poinsettias

Growing Christmas Cactus

 Periodic Table Comic Book  Click on elements to find references in comic books

 KW Periodic Table Game  Match the element to its symbol

Periodic Table References  Several reference links describing elements

Element Videos 

Spelling the Elements Quiz  Can you spell the elements' names correctly?

Element Name & Symbols Matching Game Match the elements' names and symbols

Rags to Riches Map Game Answer mapping questions to become rich

Finding Treasure Game Practice Latitude and Longitude to find the pirates' treasure

Moose Facts

Grizzly Facts

Wolf Facts

Wolverine Facts

Decimals Basketball Answer math questions using decimals correctly in order to shoot the ball.

Decimals Cruncher  Choose your operation, and choose your level of difficulty

Decimals Speedway  Cool game where you play against another player or a robot using a spinner and cards

Decimals with Santa  Show off to Santa how well you add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals 

How to Make Tours on Google Earth  YouTube video on how to set pins, add links and photos, then make it all into a Tour.


Spelling City

Hyper Spider (keyboarding)