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Mrs. Kay Calhoun, Physical Education and HealthTeacher
Fulton Junior High School
February Focus is Hockey and Hoops for American Heart Association Activities in PE Classes
Nutrition and Sochi Olympics Discussions and Exploration
Health chapter 6 Relationships
 GLENCOE TEEN HEALTH CHAPTER 6 Dialogue at home encouraged.
PE/Health Grade: 50% dressing out and participating to best of ability.
25% Tests. 25% Assignments. Not dressing in required uniform, unexcused absences and work not made-up and/or completed, per student handbook, affect the PE/Health grade.
Thank you so much for emails concerning your child's absences, health concerns, or questions. Research shows communication is vital to school achievement.
Thank you for including your child's first and last name and PE HOUR.  
Not dressing out prevents safe participation and results in a lower participation grade.
My teaching objective is for every child to earn an A as a PE/Health grade this nine weeks and I am working daily to make that happen. Students ultimately are responsible for the grade they earn.
Uniforms must be taken home at least once per week for laundering and returned the next school day. Fridays might be a good day to take uniforms home. 
Please help your child remember to put the uniform in a bag and bring it back to school.

40 Jumping Jacks, 30 curl-ups, 20 squats, 10 pushups burns about 100 calories. How many set can you do before you have to stop?
Skating at Fun Spot, Lazer Tag, and bowling are great indoor family activities in winter months. 60 Minutes of Physical Activity in small quanities or all at once has been found to promote optimal health for adults and children.

Fitness Stations in your basement can be fun for the whole family and requires very little equipment (hand weights, jump ropes, carpet squares, wooden blocks for a shuttle race). Stations can be: Push-ups (or hang a chin-up bar from the floor joists), curl-ups

 (there are so many variations), shuttle run, jump rope tricks, jumping jacks, stretches, be creative with your own ideas.

Make it a circuit and repeat 6 times.