District 90 is proud to have a team of professional Registered Nurses available to provide care to your student while they are at school. District 90 nurses have over 100 years, cumulatively, of nursing experience in various settings and each is licensed by the State of Illinois. We look forward to serving the students and their families.



 Edward A. Fulton Junior High 


Sue McCarthy  RN, BSN

 Amelia Carriel Junior High  

 Geri Smith RN, BSN

 Marie Schaefer Elementary


 Lorilee Becker, RN, BSN

 LaVerna Evans Elementary


 Julia Scoggins RN, BSN

 J.E. Hinchcliffe Elementary


 Crystal Hendricks, RN

 Delores Moye Elementary


Debby Sommer, RN

 Estelle Kampmeyer Elementary


 Cynthia Tole RN, BSN

To ensure optimum care, it is important to update us continually with new phone numbers, changes in your student's health, new medications, or anything else that impacts his or her well-being at school.